We Make Manufacturing
from China Simple,

by doing the work so you don’t have to.

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Minimizing Your Risk, Saving You Money,
Managing All Productions in China.



We start by analyzing your product and finding you qualified factories.

We begin by working with you to build your product specifications. Our team collaborates with factories and specialists to ensure your product is capable of being manufactured. We create a feasibility study, including all estimated costs to produce your product. We identify factories, order samples, and negotiate purchase agreements to maximize your success.

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Next, we oversee the entire production.

Purchase agreements are prepared on your behalf in Mandarin & English. We keep a close eye on your production in order to provide you with live updates. Our inspectors perform quality checks to ensure your goods are being manufactured properly.

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Finally, we prepare your goods and ship them anywhere in the world.

Before your goods arrive at their destination, our team will photograph, pack, prep, label, bundle and prepare your products to ensure they meet all the necessary fulfillment requirements. Then, we ship your products anywhere they need to go, worldwide, and hassle-free.

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I was first introduced to Guided Imports through a fellow eCommerce seller in a Facebook Group. I found Guided Imports to be extremely knowledgeable about factory sourcing in China and I was looking for an alternative to find someone that could be a partner instead of just a service provider. Guided Imports team is responsive and professional and I would highly recommend their service.

Davidson Hepburn

Davidson Hepburn

Atlanta, GA

I have started using Guided Imports Services a few weeks ago, on a complicated product, that alone I would have a lot of problem sourcing supplier and verifying them. Also, they help me with the sample ordering and written a production manual, both things probably saved me a lot of money, on mistakes and misunderstanding. All the services was as scheduled and with all the patience to a new importer.

I will be using Guided Import for all my future products - it saves time and money!

Osnat Abiri

Osnat Abiri


I was just doing 2-3 containers a year and now my company is looking to do 10 containers this year with the help of Guided Imports. It helps a ton having a Western partner sourcing our products in China. Guided Imports understands the quality we are looking for.

Michael Wilson

Michael Wilson

Tampa, FL

I recommend Guided Imports for anyone that is looking to import products from China. Guided Imports will take their time and work with the criteria you need until you are fully satisfied. Our company has benefited tremendously from using Guided Imports as our sourcing company in China. Not only are they fast and reliable, but they will walk you through the process and explain each step along the way to make sure you understand everything. 5 stars for Guided Imports and their team!

Tony Liao

Los Angeles, CA

Guided Import’s is an amazing company to work with, they have a dedicated staff of wonderful hard working people with great communication. I have sourced things and brought them into the country myself, and I can tell you hands down they take the guesswork out of the entire process. I don’t feel like I spent money with them, I feel like I have invested money into my business by adding a division to my company. It’s been one the smartest decisions I’ve ever made!

Brad Kimes

Washington, D.C.

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Why Guided Imports?

Did you know? Our team has over 85 combined years of experience
manufacturing solely within China?

Industry Leading

  • #1 recommended service by e-commerce
    industry experts and top sellers.
  • Western management on-site in our China office.
    Ensuring the highest quality standards.
  • A human touch combined with unique automated
    processes for streamlining clients businesses.
  • Strong understanding in Amazon FBA terms and policies.
Did you know? We routinely audit our team to ensure proper sourcing
compliance to prevent any possible backroom dealing.

Internal Standards

  • We have strict internal policies, prohibiting ourselves
    and our entire team from selling on Amazon FBA and
    all other ecommerce platforms. - We take our clients
    privacy seriously.
  • We provide access to suppliers that are not
    listed on known databases
  • We offer 100% transparent, fee-based services,
    and we never take a commission.
Did you know? Some of the products we've help our clients manufacture can
be found in every country Amazon sells in.

Our Team

  • We are a fully owned American corporation.
  • Our team consists of 15 skilled, multilingual sourcing
    and manufacturing staff members.
  • The majority of our team is located in our China office,
    in Southern China.