8 Tips for Obtaining a Private Label Product Patent on a Budget

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Now that factories and manufacturers can sell their products directly on Amazon, Shopify, and all of the other e-commerce platforms, it is imperative that sellers at least consider the prospect of obtaining a patent for their products.

Over the last couple of years, there has been a spike in the number of hijacked listings, copied products, and other unscrupulous practices happening on most of the e-commerce platforms, especially Amazon FBA. Often times, the burden rests on the seller who has been a victim of these situations to provide proof that they are the only one that is legally allowed to sell the products in question.  This can be challenging if you don’t have a patent or trademark.

How to Save $500

Successful Sellers Do it

The vast majority of successful sellers on Amazon have their products patent protected because they realize that there will undoubtedly be others who try and mimic their success by flat-out copying their product. Sadly, it happens every single day in the e-commerce world. We’ve seen sellers without patent protection have to completely shut down and stop selling their own product because they could not provide legal documentation that they owned the rights to their own product!


This is precisely why we always recommend that serious sellers seek out an Intellectual Property attorney and pursue patent protection, if appropriate.

Tips Directly from a Patent Attorney

To make things easier, we are providing an extremely helpful ebook on this topic, authored by one of the best patent attorneys we’ve ever worked with: Daniel Xu. You can view or download this ebook for free. There are also links to Daniel’s law firm and a brief summary of his bio in case any of our readers are interested in learning more about how to get patent protection on their product without breaking the bank.

Tips Directly from a Patent Attorney