The Detailed Master Guide: Getting your Products from your Supplier to Amazon

If there’s one question we get from new Amazon sellers more than others, it’s “How do I get my products from China to Amazon once my factory has finished manufacturing them “? First, I want to be clear: if you use Guided Imports, we take care of the entire process for you. In fact, if it happens in China, we do it for you.
Now back to the question.
There are technically 2 ways you can do it. But for the purposes of covering ALL the options, let’s say there are 4 ways you can accomplish this. It’s just that two are a subset of the main two.
The 4 ways we will discuss in detail are:
1. Have your supplier ship it direct
2. Have a Freight Forwarder or 3PL
3. Have an alternate 3rd party ship it
4. You can have the supplier ship it to YOU
We will also cover the differences between Sea freight, Air freight, and Air express delivery options so you understand when to use which service.

Click HERE For the complete 36 page eBook we’ve created, or click the image below. This eBook contains all the guidelines, rules, suggestions, diagrams, and timelines you’ll ever need to ensure you successfully get your products shipped from your supplier to Amazon!