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8 Tips for Obtaining a Private Label Product Patent on a Budget

E-Commerce Sellers Need Patent Protection More Than Ever Now that factories and manufacturers can sell their products directly on Amazon, Shopify, and all of the other e-commerce platforms, it is imperative that sellers at least consider the prospect of obtaining a patent for their products. Over the last couple of years, there has been a spike in…

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Chinese New Year 2018 – What to Expect

With the Western holidays of 2017 behind us, the Chinese are looking forward to Chinese New Year (CNY). In 2018, Chinese New Year will be celebrated on and around February 16th. The celebrations tend to continue over a period of roughly 3 to 4 weeks. Most Chinese will go back to their hometowns to spend…

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Do You Have These 7 Crucial Amazon Photos?

The following post was written by one of our great industry partners, Nozani. Nozani specializes in all-inclusive e-Commerce development with a major focus on Amazon.On average, Nozani increases their clients’ revenue by 200%. They’ve even increased some of their clients’ revenue by over 18x. What’s made Nozani so effective is their ability to audit a listing…

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Ordering Samples from a Potential Factory? This Common Mistake will Doom Your Business.

Guide to Successfully Ordering and Approving Samples from Potential Suppliers Be 100% Sure Before You Approve the Final Sample The quickest way to ensure your new, exciting product gets poor reviews and suffers a high return rate is by not carefully examining and testing the factory samples that you received prior to production. Guaranteed. Ordering…

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