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Guided Imports acts as your trusted partner for all China shipping and logistics needs. Our full-service China Freight forwarding solutions minimize your stress and get your products to their final destination safely and on time.  

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Door to Door Service


Customs Clearance


Road Freight

China Air Freight

We ship products for our customers by China air freight to global destinations by leveraging premium partnerships with airlines and express shipping companies. We analyze each shipping request and provide a logistics plan tailored to your needs.


Our Air Freight Services Include



We offer the least expensive air shipping options by relying on our exceptional logistics network. The shipment process usually takes between 7 to 14 days for cargo to arrive.



Our premium shipping services means your freight will be shipped swiftly and seamlessly. This process takes between 3 to 5 days for cargo to arrive.



When timing is everything, we can fulfill your urgent requests at moments notice with transit times as little at 2-days.


China Sea Freight

Our China sea freight partners offer seamless shipping solutions at competitive rates. You can rely on us for all of your China Freight Forwarder needs. We handle everything from cargo pickup and export, to import and deconsolidation. We can customize each shipping request to provide a seamless solution for any sized business.

Our Sea Freight Services Include


FCL Shipping from China

From unique shipping requests to elaborate delivery plans, our full-container shipping options are personalized to your requirements. Our partnered carriers are names that have been in this industry for ages and have consistently satisfied our customers, shipment after shipment.

LCL Shipping from China

Offering world-class communication, while we design shipping plans that utilize technology to maintain oversight. Our LCL service is reliable and smooth from start to finish.

Additional China Freight Forwarder Services

When shipping with us, we become your trusted ally on the ground in China. By going above and beyond and fulfilling individual requests to perfect your products before they leave China, our goal is to become the business partner you can rely on.

Additional China Freight Forwarder Services

When shipping with us, we become your trusted ally on the ground in China. By going above and beyond and fulfilling individual requests to perfect your products before they leave China, our goal is to become the business partner you can rely on.

Below is a list of additional services we can include in your quotation to make your logistics process complete.


Simplified Shipping Solutions

We work with you to identify your needs, define all possible logistics options, and prepare a quotation for the best method to move your cargo. 

While large international shipping companies seek to use your shipments to fulfill their quotas, our goal is simple, move our customer’s products in the best possible way. 

When you ship with us, you’re not just a number; you’re a partner who relies on us to move your cargo for your business. By using Guided Imports, you are leveraging our industry experience and allowing us to take full advantage of the resources we’ve built to offer a stress-free solution. 

Freight Forwarding that is Fast & Efficient

We understand when shipping from China, you are looking for speed and efficiency. International air freight can feel like a complicated task, with documentation, shipping regulations, to finding the most efficient freight method. We make this process simple by organizing everything on your behalf so that you can focus on more important things. 

Our experienced team of logistics professionals have seen it all and know how to work under pressure.


Seamless & On-time

Nothing is worse than an overcomplicated shipping process that ends in a delayed shipment. We focus on technology-driven simplification and reliable carriers to provide a shipping service that consistently delivers on time. 

When your shipments are handed over to us, you can relax and trust that our team’s top priority is ensuring a smooth and punctual shipping process. 

What Makes Us Different?

  • Stress-free Service

Our freight forwarding service works hard to save you time and money when doing business in China. China is unlike any other country, the various factory issues, and lack of communication often lead to frustration and headache. Which is why we have dedicated our service to take that stress away the moment we touch your cargo.

Our service manages all the administration and regulations in China, so you don’t have to.

  • On-time Delivery

We understand the importance of a punctual logistics schedule, and nothing is worse than a delayed shipment. When we provide our customers with a timeline, we are confident your goods will arrive according to our plan.

  • Western managed with local, resources

Our North American and European owners and managers believe in the importance of providing a remarkable shipping experience with a promise world-class support.


We work hard to maintain strong relationships with local carriers and resources, and use those relationships along with high annual shipping volume to keep our rates consistently low, year after year.


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Frequently Asked Questions

It is our job to define to you which option we believe is best. When requesting a quotation, please provide us with all details of the shipment, when you need your products delivered, and what is more important to you; the price or speed. 

With that information, we can begin defining a shipping plan and presenting your shipping options for you to consider. 

Unlike large shipping companies, when a customer asks us for a quotation to ship their products through Guided Imports, we don’t rely on single-carrier contracts. We negotiate volume rates with a large number of individual shippers for all forms of transportation and locations. These shippers are consistently competing for our business, which strategically places us in an advantageous position. 

We believe shipping plans require a well-thought-out process. We take into account cost, speed, security, and communication anytime we are generating a shipping quotation for our customers. This methodology allows us to pass cost savings down to the customer.  

Freight forwarders hold the advantage of being able to plan and adjust the entire process of a shipment. If one leg of a journey turns out to be too expensive or inefficient, we have the luxury of identifying an alternative carrier or route to solve the problem.

The secret to any good logistics company is how they plan and organize their logistics routes. When answering a customer’s shipping request, some freight forwarders select the cheapest, regardless of the quality, and others choose the ones that require the least amount of internal planning.

At Guided Imports, we pride ourselves on how we choose our partners. Our tried and true process consistently allows us to be one of the most inexpensive options while maintaining our internal quality requirements that ensure customer satisfaction.

UPS, DHL, and FedEx are happy to provide quotations to ship containers worth of products from China to anywhere in the world. These companies will always be more costly, and the process will be more complicated than working directly with a company specializing in freight forwarding from China.

At Guided Imports, we don’t only focus on moving your cargo; we also help to prepare it, store it, and ship it, by giving you a full-service solution to your supply chain. 

In the event a supplier is unable to export their goods, Guided Imports can assist by either acting as the exporter in China or working with a partnered company with a license to export the particular product you need assistance with. 

Guided Imports can either act as the importer on record or assist with obtaining import bonds in the United States for its customers’. 

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