China Quality Inspection & Control Services

Minimize your risk importing products with Guided Import’s affordable selection of China quality control and inspection services.

We provide a custom-tailored approach suited to your unique product specifications.

Our inspectors follow strict AQL standards to provide you with a clear understanding of your suppliers performance.


All-inclusive Quality Inspections, just $199 per man-day.

Our inspectors can be dispatched to any location in China to inspect your products in as little as 24 hours.

Four Types of China QC & Inspections Services: ​



Pre-Production Inspections (PPI), also known as Initial Pre-Production checks (IPC), are usually carried out before the production starts. For this inspection, components and materials are inspected and validated to make sure they match your requirements.


During Production Check

During Production Inspections (DUPRO), takes place when 10 ~ 50% of your goods are completed and packed. Units are inspected randomly from the production lines. Potential delays caused by production errors and quality defects can be caught early, and reworked on site.​


Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspections (PSI) also known as the Final Random Inspection (FRI) occur when 100% production is completed, and 80% of the goods have been packaged.


Container Loading Check

A container loading check, also known as (CLC) takes place once production is complete and your goods have been packed and loaded into containers, ready for transport. Your specifications, labeling, barcodes, and packing materials are all checked to match your requirements.

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On-Site China Quality Control and Inspection Services FAQ’s

Your payment will be processed immediately and you will be redirected to a form where we ask for additional details about your supplier and product requirements necessary to complete the service.

Guided Imports needs approximately two days of lead time to contact your supplier, schedule and travel to your factory. If your factory delays the inspection for any reason, our team will update you immediately.

One man-day, which is an 8-hour workday.

QC inspectors will use an AQL table based on your product order quantity to ensure results are statistically valid. You can learn more about how we use AQL tables to calculate total units inspected based on your order quantity here.

Your detailed report is usually delivered by the following day, however, in some cases, it can take up to 48 hours after the completion of the inspection.

You can view a detailed sample report here.

Guided Imports’ goal in providing QC services is to help you, the buyer, understand why a failure occurred. Our detailed report will identify what leads to the failure (eg. communication error, factory oversight), and it is the buyer’s responsibility to determine corrective measures.

No. Guided Import’s strict role is to provide an impartial report on whether or not your goods passed the selected quality control inspection. You are responsible for finding an appropriate resolution with your supplier factory.