China Sourcing & Manufacturing Services

Guided Imports is the leading China sourcing company for Fortune 500 and high-growth e-commerce brands manufacturing in China.

We provide a custom-tailored approach suited to your unique product specifications.

Leverage our cutting edge technology and get boots on the ground in China led by a Western Management team.


No Upfront cost – Pay on Performance

Guided Imports Specializes In:

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Dedicated to providing governments and heath care institutions across the globe with fully compliant equipment to protect against infection or injury.


Smart Phones

Smartphone technology is constantly expanding. Guided Imports stays up to date in market trends and capabilities in order to offer the best options for devices across all price points.


Consumer Electronics

Producing electronics for major brands requires a clear understanding in product compliance and safety. We ensure every product we produce exceeds the destinations standards by delivering well engineered, quality electronics.


Product Media

We produce promotional products for some of the worlds largest companies. We follow the latest trends in product media to present our clients with custom solutions for any promotional gift.


Bags & Backpacks

From custom hand bags to technology focused backpacks and luggage, we work with some of the worlds most respected factories to create custom bags for any market.

Sockets and Solar Power

Sockets & Solar Power

We understand that product compliance and safety in electricity and power is the leading concern for our clients and end-users. Because of this, we work with a small selection of tried and tested suppliers in the outlet socket and solar industry.

Performance Based Sourcing Includes:
  • Manufacturing Costs
  • Compliance Certificates
  • Factory Audits
  • Quality Control
  • CSR Audits
  • Door to Door Service

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China Sourcing Service FAQ’s

During any sourcing project, our goal is to provide our clients with what we believe to be the best options available. During some sourcing requests, this could be a single product from a single supplier we have total confidence in. In other circumstances, this may mean a multitude of product and supplier options.


We suggest our clients be specific when requesting product quotations whenever possible.

Not all factories are ideal for all projects. For clients requiring CSR audited factories, we will be sure to only present offers from suppliers that have up to date audit reports. When CSR audits are not required, we will still only work with suppliers that we know, trust, and can stand behind.

Performance based sourcing means Guided Imports factors in all possible costs based on the product and specifications quoted. All quotations include manufacturing costs, quality control, as well as logistics. Each quotation will define the individual projects payment terms.

Guided Imports specializes in a multitude of consumer product categories, if a product request is not a consumer product, we may not have the expertise or resources available to help.


Manufacturing relies on quantities of scale, because of this, we may not be able to accommodate certain product requests. After we receive your quotation request, we will review it carefully, and notify you as to whether or not we can help.