Guided Imports Factory Visits

Communication with your factory online can be difficult. Fortunately, Guided Imports can represent you as a buyer, and visit any factory on your behalf. There is no better way to ensure a supplier is who they say they are than to show up at their doorstep and get a tour of their facility. More can be learned about a factory through a visit that consists of a tour, review of how they produce products, and a face to face conversation than any other means of investigation, communication or vetting procedures.
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We offer a variety of visits that can be tailored to your needs.
Visits Before the First Order
If you have been communicating with a factory you found online, and are getting ready to place an order, the area of due diligence often missed is neglecting to visit their premises. For initial orders, it may not financially make sense for you as a buyer to travel to China. This is where Guided Imports can step in and visit the factory on your behalf.

We will stand in your place, look the factory in the eye, inspect the facilities, and provide our honest feedback as to our thoughts on the factory you plan on working with.
Troubleshooting Visits
Sometimes seemingly simple issues are difficult to resolve through email and phone calls. It often requires face to face meetings to sit down with the necessary personnel and work together when searching for solutions. When instances like these arise, Guided Imports can offer their assistance in understanding the issues and working with the factory to identify how they can be resolved.

Troubleshooting issues can vary from research and development or product quality, to interpersonal issues that require realignment.
Custom Visits
There is rarely a one size fits all visit, and as every brand has unique requirements, crafting a factory visit specific to your needs is most often the approach we try to take.

If you are having problems with a factory, or working towards building a relationship, a creative solution to your needs might be exactly what is required.
If you are interested in having Guided Imports visit a factory on your behalf, contact us today to see how we can help you.