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Review Specifications

We are Reviewing Your Specifications

Thank you for submitting your product specifications. At this time, our team is currently reviewing your details and pairing you with the ideal project manager.

Once we have paired you with a project manager, you will receive an emailed introduction to them, which will kick off the communication between you two. Your project manager will be your go-to source for all aspects of your project. They will be diligently working on your behalf to guide you through the process of sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics, all while they communicate directly with our sourcing team.

How to communicate?

Everyone has their unique preference when it comes to communication, and our project managers will work hard to ensure we meet your satisfaction. With that said, based on the hundreds of projects our teams have worked on, the most efficient form of communication has been emailing. The questions and material we will be reviewing are very content heavy and require careful organization. And because of that, dividing communication between multiple methods can cause confusion which leads to delays and mistakes in the supply chain.

Our Goals:

We understand that you have hired us to streamline your operations on the ground in China and have us manage your supply chain on your behalf. A successful project manager does not need to be managed; rather they are the ones managing the project and reporting to you as necessary. The goals our project managers strive to reach are the following:

  • Lead the project on your behalf
  • Keep communication goal oriented
  • Provide routine updates
  • Your involvement should not be full-time, rather as needed during integral, defined stages

Your Expectations:

We want you to feel comfortable knowing our team is managing your projects on your behalf. This is not a turnkey solution and requires your attention and decision-making. Our jobs exist because China is not perfect, and you may experience bumps along the way. We will, however, work diligently to help resolve them. Everyone wants fast, cheap and high quality, but compromises are often required, so be ready to make challenging decisions when we present them to you.

Please wait for our email which introduces you to your project manager.
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