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In-House Product Preparation, Assembly, & Quality Control

Our white glove, in-house quality control, and product preparation ensure your defects never leave China, and your products ship ready to be sold!

100% Quality Control

100% Quality Control

Our team will inspect every unit according to your requirements. We will sort the items that fail our checks. We can send the defects back to your supplier or destroy them.
Product Labeling

Product Labeling

We will apply barcodes, country of origin stickers, logos, warning labels and any sticker or label your product needs before they are shipped.
Printing Service

Printing Service

If your goods require product manuals, advertisement inserts, or any additional printing, we will manage the entire print and insert process for you.

Packaging, Kitting, & Bundling

Do you have multiple components coming from different suppliers? All items can be shipped to us, where we will handle all aspects preparing your goods, so they are ‘for sale’ ready.
Product Assembly

Product Assembly

Our in-house assembly facility is capable of assisting you with your custom requirements that you can’t otherwise rely on your factory to perform.


Once your goods are shipped to our facility, we will repackage them according to your unique requirements. Whether that means palletization, custom carton boxes, or sturdier materials, our team will work to your specifications.

We Value Security


The problem with relying on your factory to manage your production and packaging is, you’ve now given every worker in the building of hundreds, direct access to all aspects of your completed product. You’ve handed the keys of your business model to hundreds of unverified people, and you have lost all certainty that your intellectual property will be adequately cared for.

Guided Imports in-house services focus on security and go to great lengths to prevent unscrupulous eyes inspecting your production. By allowing us to act as your black box kitting, assembly and packaging facility, you can be sure that a very small, handpicked group of individuals are the only ones in China with access to your final product.

Below are just a few of the ways we protect your products during the assembly, packaging, and sorting process:

  • Our office is under 24/7 security.
  • Biometric locks only allow Guided Imports employees into our office and warehouse
  • Full-time staff and labor workers are hand-picked, vetted, and routinely audited to ensure they are not selling products online locally or internationally.
  • Guided Imports, our employees, and employees family are contractually bound from selling products online and working with individuals or businesses who sell products online. We take this company policy very seriously, as we have yet to successfully find another company in our position who does the same.

How to Get Started

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A lot can go into the planning phase of establishing your product preparation and quality control requirements. Our team needs to understand precisely what needs to be done to your products and what you consider a defect and a passing unit.

Once you can define this for us, we will be able to prepare an adequate quotation and statement of work.

If you’re stuck, and unsure what you need, feel free to contact us so we can help.

frequently asked questions

Will you sign a Non-disclosure agreement?

Absolutely! We are happy to sign the one we have prepared, as it is a standard for us. Please keep in mind, we will only sign a non-disclosure agreement after you’ve agreed to work with us. This is due to the number of projects we work.

When is the best time to request a quotation?

Feel free to begin speaking with us before your production begins. That being said, we need at least one week to prepare our schedules for your products. The sooner you agree to work with us, the sooner we can assign time to your project,

What do you do with the defective products you find?

We can do almost anything you want. If you’d like them shipped back to your factory, shipped to you, or disposed of, we would be more than happy to help.

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