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Quality Inspection Service

The smallest price to pay so you are not risking thousands of dollars.

At Guided Imports we’ve teamed up with some of the best
inspectors all over China to offer you, On-site Quality Control.


  • Choose the inspection you’d like us to perform
  • Give us information on your product and factory
  • We’ll arrange an inspector to visit your factory
  • We’ll deliver a HIGHLY detailed quality control report to you, BEFORE you send your final payment to the factory.

Four Types of Inspections



Pre-Production Inspections (PPI), also known as Initial Pre-Production checks (IPC), are usually carried out before the production starts. For this inspection, components and materials are inspected and validated to make sure they match your requirements.

During Production Check

During Production Inspections (DUPRO), takes place when 10 ~ 50% of your goods are completed and packed. Units are inspected randomly from the production lines. Potential delays caused by production errors and quality defects can be caught early, and reworked on site.

Pre-Shipment Inspection

Pre-shipment inspections (PSI) also known as the Final Random Inspection (FRI) occur when 100% production is completed, and 80% of the goods have been packaged.

Container Loading Check

A container loading check, also known as (CLC) takes place once production is complete and your goods have been packed and loaded into containers, ready for transport. Your specifications, labeling, barcodes, and packing materials are all checked to match your requirements.

For more information on our inspection methods, view our
article linked below.

Inspection Services Explained

How to Get Started

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Provide Us With Details

We offer four unique types of inspection services. Each of these services are defined above. Before getting started with us, it is important to identify which inspection service you would like us to preform.

Signing up with us is simple. As you scroll down to the pricing section of this page, you will be able to click the ‘sign up’ button. At that time you will be redirected to a secure payment portal where you will input your payment information.

After submitting your payment details, we will process your payment and direct you to a link where you will provide us with your supplier and inspection details.

The details we ask for are important. These details provide us with the necessary information to contact your factory, and understand exactly what you would like our inspectors to check.

below are some of the details we will ask for:

factory information:

  • factory name
  • address
  • contact number
  • contact name
  • email

inspection information:

  • inspection type
  • anticipated inspection date
  • product specifications
  • quality control notes

Our reports go into incredible detail!

Click the link below to view an example

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On-Site Quality Control Inspection

  • choose from any of the 4 offered inspections
  • provide us with your factory information and inspection requirements
  • we will schedule a time for our inspectors to visit the factory

  • our inspectors follow strict AQL requirements
  • after the inspection is complete, we’ll deliver a detailed report
  • our inspectors will spend a full day inspecting your production

Disclaimer: Inspections need to be planned at least two business days from today.



frequently asked questions

What happens if the inspection fails?

​In the event of a failed inspection, it is the buyer’s responsibility to understand why the inspection failed. Was the failure due to communication error, factory oversight, unclear specifications, etc.? Once the reason for failure is uncovered, the buyer can begin to work with the factory to determine corrective measures.
Oftentimes, these measures need to be discussed before the order is placed and the clause would need to be put into the purchase contract. Without this, a factory is not obligated to correct their mistakes. This is why it is imperative to complete a spec sheet (which we require if you purchase our full-service A-Z package).
It is important to note, through our standalone Quality Inspection service, Guided Imports plays an impartial role in the inspection of the goods. Guided Imports and its inspectors are not liable or responsible for correcting or resolving issues or mistakes from the factory uncovered through the inspection process, unless the inspection occurs as part of our A-Z full service.

Does Guided Imports talk to the factory to resolve the issues?

It is Guided Imports and our inspector’s duty to maintain an impartial role throughout the inspection. This means, through our Quality Control services, our focus is on inspecting and reporting. We do not negotiate with factories or delegate resolutions on behalf of the buyer.
Only customers using our A to Z full service sourcing package are eligible for issue resolution management and negotiations.

What happens after the inspection takes place?

After an inspection takes place, our inspector will return from the factory and compile their notes into an inspection report. This takes approximately 24 to 48 hours. Once the report is complete, we will send it to you via email.
At that time, you are free to use this newly obtained information at your discretion.
A standard procedure during inspections that take place after the goods have been produced, is to wait until the completion of the inspection report before delivering the final payment to the factory. You don’t want to have to pay them the final amount if they botched your order!

How long does it take to receive the inspection report?

Usually Inspection Report can be provided 24-48 hrs after an inspection has been completed.

How many products can an inspector go through in a given day?

This is determined by the client’s total number of goods and the AQL. A 3rd party inspection company will determine the number of units to check per man-day, through the use of the AQL.
The AQL helps inspectors determine the inspection sampling size of a production lot for inspection. Inspectors use the AQL to outline their workday based on the sample size selected for inspection.
It’s important to note a meaningful AQL Inspection MUST follow the recommended sampling plan in order to give accurate results. Because the AQL is based on statistical sampling, any additional inspections or any fewer inspections will skew the results. To learn more about AQL tables, click here.

How long is one man-day?

One man-day consists of an 8 hour day.

Can I require the factory replace the defective units?

This is possible, however it is the responsibility of the buyer to negotiate with the factory before an order is replaced.

How long does it take to inspect products?

The total inspection takes one day, but given the fact that we need to schedule the inspection with your factory, we need to send an inspector to travel out to your factory, and then spend the following two days generating the inspection report that will then be delivered to you, the total time could take more than one week.
This also depends on a number of factors. For example, the type of product being inspected and how complex it is will have a bearing on the total time needed. Naturally, a product like a cutting board will be easier to inspect than a toy with moving parts.
The number of requirements the client would like the inspector to check on each product (Logo, Dimensions, smell, scratches, dents, labels, etc) will also affect the time to complete an inspection.
Another thing that can affect the time of an inspection is whether or not the product itself has already been packaged. One can assume a pre-packaged product will need to be carefully opened and removed from the packaging to be inspected.

When can the inspection take place?

After purchasing, please make sure to plan your inspection day at least two business days from today. This way we have enough time to plan your inspection according to your requirements and make sure the quality inspection goes smoothly.

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