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We Value Transparency

  • Obtaining a quotation is simple. Just fill out the quotation request form found below, and we’ll send you a shipping estimate that is clear and easy to understand.
  • You will be assigned a logistics project manager, a single person to communicate with and facilitate your shipment. This means you won’t be bounced through various departments, rather you will be taken care of efficiently.
  • Shipping is complex and outdated, we make it simple by always being available to answer questions.
  • If you are new to shipping, we will guide you through the process, holding your hand and explaining all requirements at every step of the way.
  • Not sure which method is the best shipping method? Just let us know and we’ll happily provide you with our
    opinion on the most efficient logistics strategies for your shipment.
  • No strings attached quotations. Anytime you would like a quotation, tell us your product dimensions and we’ll
    prepare a detailed quote. Feel free to shop our price, or even use our quotations as estimates for future projects.

How to Get Started

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obtain-cartonIn order for us to provide accurate quotations, we need you to be able to provide us with accurate carton dimensions, as well as product specifications. Before submitting a quotation, be sure you have all of the following details from your supplier:

cargo details:

  • carton dimensions
  • gross weight per carton
  • units per carton
  • total number of cartons

shipment details:

  • desired service
  • mode of transport
  • incoterms

collection location:

  • country
  • address

delivery location:

  • country
  • address

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you assist with customs clearance?

When we act as the shipper, we are able to assist with customs clearance. The only time we would not assist with customs clearance is in the event the client would like their broker to arrange clearance.

Do I need to obtain a an entry bond to import goods into the United States?

Goods being imported into the United States requiring a formal entry, require the buyer to obtain an entry bond. Guided Imports can assist in the procurement of this bond.

Can you tell me what compliance requirements are needed to import my shipment into my desired country?

Guided Imports can assist with the determination of necessary compliance requirements, however we are unable to guarantee our suggestions are 100% accurate. We encourage all importers to research these details as well prior to sourcing and manufacturing their products.

My production will not finish for another couple weeks, can I obtain a shipping quotation now?

Yes, however our quotations have an expiration date, so please be sure to take the date stated on the quotation into account as rates can change based on season. It is also important for us to note that all quotations are subject to change upon final measurement.

How do I obtain a shipping quotation?

If you would like to obtain a shipping quotation, please fill out our Shipping Quotation Request form.

I am shipping goods into a country I am not located or a citizen of, how can you assist me?

Non-Citizen’s importing to the following countries, please be advised:
For United States imports, we can assist our clients by arranging a license for them to use.
For United Kingdom imports, we need the clients to obtain EORI and VAT (applicable to all shipping methods except Air Express)
Other countries: Please contact us first for feasibility.

Can you give a quotation including duties and taxes?

We can offer our estimated duty percentages, however we do not provide quotations with certified rulings. Because of this the final declaration will be handled by the importing country’s customs bureau.

When do I pay the shipping cost?

You may pay the shipping cost
Pay the whole invoice including the customs fee after it has been cleared in the customs
Note: Once the invoice was sent to the client, it needs to be settled within 2 business days to avoid extra warehouse fees. Shipment will not be delivered unless the invoice has been paid.

Is your quotation the final cost for shipping?

No, the cartons are subject to final measurement before the goods are loaded onto their carrier for shipping. In the event of changes, we will notify you prior to shipment.

What other charges should I expect?

Here are some additional charges you can expect to see that would fall outside of our shipping quotations.

  • Duties and Taxes (plus GST for other destinations such as Canada.)
  • Additional customs exams (CET Exam, X-ray, etc.)
  • Warehouse charges (for delayed payments)
  • Re-reouting charges, relabelling charges, if needed

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