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Sourcing and Manufacturing Services

A Safer and Easier Way to Import from China

If you are a business looking for a solution for your sourcing, manufacturing, and supply chain requirements in China, this is your answer. Let Guided Imports handle your company’s operations in China. Over the past five years, we have cultivated a network of high-quality suppliers in China. We have also perfected a comprehensive supplier sourcing and relationship-building process that enables us to identify high-quality and reliable suppliers capable of manufacturing your products to your specifications. In short, we have put in years of hard work vetting, visiting, evaluating, and auditing factories to ensure our clients have the best possible options when it comes to choosing top quality suppliers.

Once we order and evaluate samples from the most qualified suppliers, we can then manage every aspect of our client’s production and logistics out of our China office. If it happens here in China, we take care of it for you. Our service allows you to focus on building your brand, driving revenue, and concentrating on growth.

Don’t get lost in a sea of back-and-forth correspondence with countless suppliers, never knowing which are qualified and honest. Let our experienced, multilingual sourcing and manufacturing specialists handle it for you.

Guided Imports understands that the key to any great partnership is communication. You’ll work with a dedicated project manager who acts as your eyes and ears in China. You will be in complete control of all the essential details without getting bogged down with trivial minutiae.

We act as your project managers, consultants, and purchasing office. Managing any and all aspects of getting your products sourced, manufactured, inspected, shipped.

Not all projects are equal. Our services give you the freedom to take advantage of our infrastructure and resources to provide you with a customized approach that is specific to your needs.

Retainer Based Sourcing Services

Manufacturing in China is not an easy task. With China still being ripe with unqualified manufacturers, backroom dealings, and fly by night suppliers, businesses continue to struggle with identifying an ideal approach to strengthening their offshore manufacturing efforts. At Guided Imports, we make it our mission to provide our clients with a presence on the ground in China, vigilantly working on their behalf to minimize the risks involved.

Our retained sourcing services are structured to give you the flexibility to define how you want us to work on your project. It is our experience that businesses who rely on working directly with manufacturers have their own systems and strategies in place. Our goal is not to replace what is already working, rather, strengthen the areas of a companies procurement process. At Guided Imports, we have built our business serving buyers with an alternative approach towards manufacturing in China.

We have created our own systems and workflows that identify suppliers, negotiate and prepare productions, and manage the entire manufacturing and logistics process. With our refined processes and strategies, we can offer our clients an all-inclusive service that allows them to be completely hands-off, or direct us to focus only on specific elements of a project.

Guided Imports becomes your resource, operating on the other side of the world and on the ground with your factories in China, giving you the comfort of knowing your products can get produced properly, without having to do it yourself.

Let us create a roadmap where we handle the A-Z of getting your product to market,or,take command of your own project and use our team to streamline your operations.

Our Manufacturing Services Include the Following Features

  • Feasibility Study
  • Supplier Sourcing
  • Sample Consolidation
  • Negotiations
  • Managing the Production
  • Shipping & Logistics
  • No Setup Fee
  • Dedicated Project Manager
  • No Extra Fees
  • Basecamp Account

We Value Transparency

  • You will always have full supplier contact details – meaning you will never be locked in with a single agent or supplier again.
  • Your payments will always be made directly to the factory, not us – we act as your delegated purchasing office, meaning, it will continuously be your company doing business with the factory of your choosing.
  • We work off of a retainer model, not commission. Our motivation comes from your continued service and growth, not short-term, one-off productions.
  • Our entire staff is routinely audited to ensure all kickbacks and incentive offers made by suppliers are documented, and all parties are informed. We also prohibit our entire team from selling on e-commerce platforms, worldwide.
  • Amazon or any e-commerce platform, negating any conflict of interest. We take our client’s products and confidentiality seriously.
  • Our clients are free to communicate directly with the factory. – Our goal is to assist in streamlining your supply chain process, not locking it down. If at any time our clients wish to speak directly with suppliers, they are more than welcome to.
  • We maintain strict client confidentiality and are happy to prepare non-disclosure agreements with all of our clients.
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10 hours of Project Manager & Sourcing Agent Support.

Additional hours billed at $50 per hour.

Project Timeline: 3 months


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Ideal for



25 hours of Project Manager & Sourcing Agent Support.

Additional hours billed at $40 per hour.

Project Timeline: 6 months

Save 20%


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40 hours of Project Manager & Sourcing Agent Support.

Additional hours billed at $37.50 per hour.

Project Timeline: 9 months

Save 25%


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