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Product Specification Discovery

professionally crafted product specifications and a detailed manufacturing cost analysis for your next production.

Included In Our Study

Product Specification Discovery

Product Specification Discovery

Our senior product development team works with you to turn your product ideas into the specification requirements qualified factories demand.

Estimated Manufacturing Costs

We seek to identify all necessary mold fees, certification fees and all other costs required to get your production started.

Order Quantity Pricing Breaks

Manufacturing prices work based on economies of scale, because of this, we identify the order quantity pricing breaks to help you determine the most ideal quantity to begin with.

Manufacturing Requirements

Unsure exactly what is needed to begin the production? We will define each requirement, allowing you to be confident you understand every detail of your production.

Estimated Shipping Fees

We offer shipping estimates across all different shipping methods and order quantities. Helping you determine the most cost effective method of shipping your goods.

All Landed Costs

You will receive calculated estimates of all landed costs, giving you the total picture estimate to have your products manufactured and shipped to their final destination.

Researched Product Specifications

Our team is responsible for bringing hundreds of products to market. We’ve witnessed multitudes of successful projects develop into commendable business assets for our clients; however, we’ve also observed failures get stuck along the way.

Since not all product ideas lead to victory, our team strives to understand the components involved which create successful projects. We have identified that the most crucial aspect of a successful production is a well crafted, and well-researched product specification sheet. Specification sheets must be technical enough to include all necessary details of a product, but not overly technical where it encumbers potential factories from working to understand it.

Even simple products require specification details that not only describe all components and requirements that go into production but include provisions that are manufacturable.

A specification document could be created for a time machine. However, it does not guarantee a factory can produce one. The same can be said for a seemingly simple idea. Neglecting to ensure materials, components, and requirements are feasible for a factory to produce can turn any project into failure well before the failure is noticeable.

This is where our Product Specification Discovery comes in. We begin understanding your product ideas and assist you in defining the requirements. Once we feel comfortable enough to understand your intended product, our team compiles options and plans that fit your needs. We take these ideas to our community of production engineers and factories to determine a factories capabilities regarding your product.

The purpose of this research is to take your ideas and ensure they are fine tuned into specifications you can use as you continue the journey towards getting this product made.

Manufacturing Feasibility Study

When done properly, sourcing factories should be the most time-consuming aspect of manufacturing. Our Manufacturing Feasibility Study negates the need to spend countless hours sourcing and negotiating with factories before you determine a product is viable to manufacture.

Most importers will admit, negotiating with factories to prices too low is a serious concern, as it often means a factory will work to make up for their lost profit via inferior quality. The Manufacturing Feasibility Study prevents this, by identifying the high and low estimated costs of manufacturing your desired product, thus defining the boundaries you can comfortably negotiate within, without sacrificing quality.

Our Feasibility Studies are packed with so much detail, not only will you be given a stable reference for negotiating, but you will also be able to see costs for tooling and molding, compliance requirements, import duties, and taxes, as well as order quantity pricing breaks.

Importers who neglect to perform any method of feasibility research substantially increase their chances of costly mistakes, both during the importing process and after. Our services seek to minimize these mistakes by identifying all crucial aspects of sourcing, manufacturing and importing your desired product.

What Do We Need to Start?


Ensuring we understand your product is a top priority. While we are happy to work with you to turn your existing product specifications into factory ready specifications, you need to perform initial product research on your own.

It’s never enough to have a product idea in mind or link to a product from one of the supplier directories. You need a defined design of your intended goods. If you are still theorizing concepts, finalize your thoughts before we begin.

Check out this guide if you would like to learn more about product research and creating a product specification sheet.

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1 Project : Specification Discovery & Feasibility Study
  • 2 senior management specification building sessions
  • Manufacturing feasibility study with cost analysis
  • Production ready product specifications

Working on multiple projects? Enquire here.

Working on multiple projects? Enquire here.

frequently asked questions

Can you determine the cost of a product that does not yet exist?

Our reports are only as accurate as the information you provide us. If you only have a general idea of a product, we can only provide a general idea of the costs involved. The more detailed you are with your specifications, the more accurate we can be with our report.

What is your refund policy?

Before we begin working on your product specifications, we offer a 14 day refund policy. If you have already engaged in our specification building phone calls, you have 24 hours from that date to cancel.
Guided Imports does not provide refunds for products that do not meet client’s financial expectations. To read our full refund policy, click here.

I would like to know the cost of the same product, with multiple variations. How would this work?

Our Specification Discovery and Feasibility Study works on a per product basis. If you have multiple desired specifications, we recommend speaking with us regarding bulk order discounts.

What product details are needed before I submit my product information?

The more information you can provide us on the actual product, the more accurate your report will be. So, if you leave out details that may change the cost of the production, you may find that your report is not as accurate as you hoped.
In order to prevent this, we recommend having the following categories of product specifications ready, as we will be asking you for them on the order page.
The product itself – explaining the product so we understand it is key

  • Product materials
  • If it needs to be customized, include the details
  • Estimated order quantity
  • Country of import
  • Packaging details
  • Any additional requirements you deem necessary

Will you include product packaging in the report?

If you would like for us to include product packaging costs, we recommend including the details of the packaging requirements in the report. Please note, for detailed packaging, we will need very clear specifications so we can offer an accurate quotation.

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