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Fully Managed: Sourcing, Manufacturing, and Logistics

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We act as your project managers, consultants, and purchasing office. Managing all aspects of getting your products sourced, manufactured, inspected, shipped, and everything in between!

Our service is a step-by-step process, meaning everything listed is included in the work we do to manage your production in China. Listed below are the individual stages of our service. Please note, they are broken into two individual phases.

Phase 1: Specification Discovery & Feasibility Study


Tell us your product

The time to start is when you have a product you would like to manufacture identified, and the product specifications are planned out.

Define your specifications

We work with you to ensure your specification are appropriately defined. Our product development team works with you to turn your product ideas into the manufacturable specifications qualified factories demand.

Feasibility Study

Before sourcing begins, we provide you with a detailed understanding of all anticipated costs involved in manufacturing. This gives you a clear understanding of production feasibility and required budget to move forward.

Phase 2: Sourcing, Manufacturing, & Logistics


Supplier Sourcing

We will identify up to five qualified suppliers capable of manufacturing your product. You will receive a detailed report on each of these suppliers, including all of their information.

Ordering Samples

We will order samples from the identified suppliers, ship them to our office in Shenzhen, China, consolidate them and ship them to you for your review.


Our team will communicate with the suppliers and begin negotiating the terms that you desire.

Preparing the Production

We will put together all necessary purchase agreements and production documents. Ensuring all parties are in full agreement with all aspects of the production.

Managing the Production

Delays, issues and mistakes happen in the manufacturing world. We do our best to ensure any and all issue are identified the moment they occur, this way our team can assist in remedying such instances.

Inspection & Quality Control

One of our tried and true inspectors will visit your factory at a desired time. This inspector will spend a day reviewing the production and generating a quality control report for review.
Product Photography-Icons

Product Photography

Product samples will be shipped to our affiliated photography studio for product photography shots.

Shipping & Logistics

Regardless of the destination, or your location, we will manage the shipping and logistics on your behalf.

Product Reorders

After your products have been selling, the time will come to place reorders with your factories. We’ll handle this in its entirety for as little as $99 per reorder.

Phase 1: Define Your Idea

Our Specification Discovery & Feasibility Study is the first phase of our A – Z Service. After ordering this phase, our team will set up onboarding sessions with you to further understand your intended product. We will work with you to define all possible specifications before we conduct manufacturing research. We strive to ensure your final specifications adhere to manufacturing requirements, meaning, the finalization of your idea will allow manufacturer ready!

Our feasibility study will be delivered to you after our findings conclude. In this study, you will be presented with the estimated costs involved to produce your product. We will identify potential tooling and mold fees, production costs, logistics costs, and any additional startup costs to get your product built.

You will have all the data necessary to be successful in the manufacturing of your product.

Phase 2: Building Your Product

The second phase of our service consists of identifying qualified suppliers, organizing the manufacturing and managing the shipment of your goods. With clear product specifications in hand, we work with qualified suppliers, ordering samples and communicating with them on your behalf to identify the ideal partner to make your product. Once selected, we manage the entire production, handle quality control and even assist with the shipment.

How to Get Started

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Identify-a-Product-1Product identification is the origination of any successful production. Before determining if Guided Imports is the ideal solution for assistance with sourcing, manufacturing and logistics, a product must be identified. This responsibility falls entirely on the client.

Guided Imports is a sourcing company, focused on identifying sources of procurement for products, not assisting clients in determining which products to source. Before working with us, we recommend a product is identified, and the research is completed.

Pricing (For The First 10 Customers)

Phase 1 Specification Discovery & Feasibility Study

  • Specification building sessions with our senior management
  • Manufacturing feasibility study with production cost analysis
  • Production ready product specifications


due at start of Phase 1.

Phase 2 Sourcing, Manufacturing, & Logistics

  • Up to 5 qualified suppliers to choose from
  • Product sample ordering & consolidation
  • Professional Chinese negotiation
  • Production Updates
  • On-site quality control
  • Product photography
  • Logistics management
  • Dedicated project manager


due at start of Phase 2.

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frequently asked questions

Why are there two phases of this service?

We’ve divided this service into the two individual phases to define the two most important parts of a successful production. Before sourcing and manufacturing begin, product specifications must be adequately described. The first phase of our service assists you with that, while also building a feasibility study to help you determine the financial outcome of your future production. Once all of this is complete, we can move into sourcing, manufacturing, and logistics, which is the second phase.

If I purchase the service, how soon do I have to start?

Once you place an order, you will be directed to a product form page where you will be asked to provide detailed information about the product you would like manufactured. Once this form is filled out and received by our team, we will begin the process.
We request only purchasing the service when you are ready to begin.

Is there a minimum order quantity to start?

Minimum orders depend on you and the product. We have no set minimum order quantity; however, factories do. Keep in mind, in China everything works on scale. So the more you purchase, the lower the costs, the less you are buying, the closer the goods will cost to retail.

I want to import into a country I do not live in or am a citizen of, can you still assist me?

Absolutely! We assist importers importing products from and to all over the world. There are certain times where additional documentation is needed, but we can adequately help during the logistics phase.



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