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Submit Product Specifications

Product Specifications:

Did you know, the greatest indicator of a successful importer and an unsuccessful importer is how detailed their product specifications are from the very beginning?

While we don’t say this to scare you, we tell you this to inform you and ensure you stay educated throughout the process of us handling your project. Before getting started, we would like to ensure you have as many resources and as much information possible to place you in a better position for success and allow you to have an enjoyable experience using Guided Imports to help you manufacture your products.

Are You Ready?

If you can confidently check off the following boxes, then it is safe to say that you are very prepared. While it is not the end of the world if you can not check off all of the following boxes, you do stand a greater chance of having issues in the future and encountering problems due to being unprepared.

  • Product materials
  • Product size & weight
  • Product color(s)
  • Estimated order quantity

  • Customizations details
  • Packaging details
  • Design files (logo, inserts, 3D drawings, etc.)
  • Import country