Guided Imports vs. Other Services

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The Guided Imports Advantage 

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  • In-house sourcing team: All orders are handled by our industry-leading in-house sourcing team. We don’t outsource orders to outside agencies. That’s why we’re able to guarantee that our agents never receive any factory kickbacks.
  • Flat-rate fee: If your sourcing agent earns their pay by tacking on a percentage to the final cost of your order — this is usually anywhere between one and five percent — then you may have reason to question where your agent’s allegiance. Think about it: you’re hiring a sourcing agent in order to find the right supplier to manufacture your production at a fair price. Your sourcing agent, however, now has a stake in steering you towards a more expensive supplier in order to secure a bigger commission payment. This is clearly a conflict of interest that should be avoided.
    At Guided Imports, our flat-rate fee structure ensures total unity of interests between sourcing agent and buyer.
  • Product validation: Product Validation is the cornerstone of a successful production. Your time is valuable, and you don’t want to waste countless hours sourcing suppliers and negotiating, only to find that your product cannot be produced at a rate that will allow you to make a profit.Our Product Validation service offers you a detailed analysis of all the potential costs associated with bringing your product to market. By generating a cost analysis for every aspect of production — manufacturing, compliance, logistics and everything in between — we’ll not only save you time, we’ll vastly reduce the risk and uncertainty of importing products for sale!
  • Quality control: Our inspectors perform on-site quality inspections, making sure your supplier has properly produced and packaged your goods to ensure safe and on-time delivery. And, should any issues arise, your team on the ground will manage compensation from the supplier.
  • Sample consolidation: We order samples from all suppliers we find. We consolidate them in our offices in China and ship directly to you. This means multiple samples in one shipment, saving you time and money.
  • Negotiation: After working with your dedicated account representative to finalize your product, our negotiators will work directly with the factory to negotiate your order quantity, payment split, production time, and re-compensation for any defective units.
  • Logistics: Leverage our high-volume rates with the best freighters in the industry, whether sea or air. Your agent will coordinate payment and processing of your goods all the way to their destination. No more juggling customs brokers or sweating over complicated logistics!
  • Multiple products: 
  • Supplier validation: Your dedicated team on the ground in China will find up to five of the very best suppliers to manufacture your products. Working with high quality, verified manufacturers, we ensure you’re never the victim of scams or fraud.
  • Supplier contact info: We’ll release the full contact details of your supplier so you can choose to manage the relationship directly. No secrets here!
  • Product photography: Your goods will be professionally photographed in China. This means, you can begin promoting and building your listing before goods ever leave our shores. Plus, you will hold full copyright to these photos.
  • Dedicated, English-speaking agent:
  • Product reorders: We have ability to send you automated reorder alerts via email or SMS. We use a proprietary algorithm that takes a number of factors into consideration to calculate an estimated reorder date to help ensure you don’t run out of inventory. Factors such as: current sales velocity, upcoming and past holidays, production timelines, shipping timelines, delivery delays, and more all help us to come up with a date by which you need to place a product re-order